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Webinar 31.03.2020 Part 2: Data Finder Demo

Here’s your opportunity to see the recording of Data Finder‘s Demo, recorded during the “Knowledge is power” Webinar on 31 March 2020.

Ajay Davis

- Data Finder BDM

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Data Finder is the best data platform on the market and we’re making available to all clients, for free, during the current situation.

Here is the Demo with Frequently Asked Questions below.


Q: How can we access Data Finder?

A: Contact your Property Finder Account Manager. They will send a message to the Data Finder team. It will take 1 day to set up your company and your agents. You will then get your welcome email with your login instructions.

After that, join our daily one-hour-long Zoom training with Ajay at 12 noon.

If you want customised training for your company and your agents, contact

Q: How does Data Finder differentiate from the competition?

  1. We have a propriety Property Finder data within Data Finder, so tools such as Market Demand are only being offered on Data Finder.
  2. We have a partnership with Dubai Land Department, therefore our data has much more depth than other competitors.

Q: Is Data Finder free?

A: Yes, at the moment, we made the decision to make Data Finder free to all Property Finder clients for one month. We commit to being your best partner, we will do whatever we can to help your business, so if the situation continues, we will review the length of the free period.

Q: What is the data source in Data Finder?

A: For Dubai, we include active listings data from as well as transaction data directly from Dubail Land Department (DLD). Transaction volume is purely from DLD.

For Abu Dhabi we only have Property Finder listing data as of today, however soon we will be enhancing the system, along with the other emirates.

Q: Can non-Property Finder clients get access to Data Finder?

A: Go to, click on the “Request Demo” button, fill in the information, we will forward your details to one of Property Finder’s Account Managers and they will take it from there.

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