Afzal Khan

Afzal Khan


اللغات:English, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil

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العقارات المتوفرة:11 عقارات

ريرا# 35461

خبرة منذ:2008

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Afzal is a very dedicated and hardworking real estate professional. He's been in the field for 11 years now and can be considered as an expert. He is always sincere to his clients, and is very trustworthy. Afzal is also a multi-lingual agent and can speak 5 different languages, making it one of his edge in this diverse world of real estate. He is now a master of Town Square, Mira, Mira Oasis and Al Reem areas. Afzal is also knowledgeable with a number of off-plan projects by Dubai's major developers.
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