Alana Annear

Alana Annear


اللغات:English, German

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الرخصة التجارية# هذا هو رقم ترخيص الوكيل الصادر عن رأس الخيمة. 27779

خبرة منذ:2021

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Alana started her career in aviation as cabin crew attending to people’s needs, striving to deliver superior customer service. Having a very happy and bubbly personality which stands out from the rest. German Mother and South African Father, she is as able to converse in both English and German.

In 2017, Alana moved to Ras Al Khaimah from South Africa and had an immediate passion for the white sandy beaches, golf course living, amazing architecture, and beautiful views in a multicultural, diverse community of people. Alana follows by her rules of reliability, honesty, dedication and perseverance towards the customer’s every last need..
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