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Alannah is Irish/Australian but was born and raised in Dubai. She witnessed and experienced first-hand, Dubai’s extraordinary growth over the past 20 odd years. She can give you the inside scoop to what it’s like growing up in Dubai, as well as, living and working here as a young professional. Alannah spent the past 5 years in the UK, she studied at Newcastle University where she achieved a first-class degree in Marketing and Management. She then worked in London in a customer facing sales role, selling outdoor advertising space for an independent media owner and worked with a variety of well-known brands. She has excellent interpersonal skills and will instantly make you feel at ease with any of your property queries. Her drive and motivation stems from an internal passion and will not stop until her clients are beyond satisfied. Alannah will prioritise your needs, understand your concerns and work endlessly to make your experience stress free from start to finish.
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