Asif Kamal

Asif Kamal


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I am working in the real estate field in the United Arab Emirates specious Sharjah from 6 years, as I have interacted with thousands of clients in this period of my professional experience and rented al lot of properties in this my years of experience. I am willing to do more positive things in the community with a pure professional attitude.

My expertise are for areas specially for al majaz sharjah,buhaira cornish sharjah,al khan sharjah,al qasba sharjah,abu shaghara sharjah,qasmia sharjah,al taawun sharjah,mamzar shj,butina sharjah,rolla sharjah and some other areas as well.

I believe in teamwork, new ideas, analytical marketing tools, and pure skills with a positive business attitude and welcoming clients with a great posture of entertaining with their concern need about their dream homes, flats, and apartments. I am dealing in flats for rent for families, newlyweds couple, executives bachelors, company staff, and commercial shops and offices.
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