Darren Hawkins

Darren Hawkins

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Darren is a strong chartered, dynamic team player and confident negotiator with a proven track history in business development, sales and marketing strategies, specialising in real estate investments and property sales in the UAE, Europe and UK.

Darren started life in the British Army in 1992 and after completing 27 weeks intense training in Cambridge, he was awarded best recruit. During his military service, Darren was involved in operations and conflicts worldwide gaining many awards and qualifications including the Phoenix close protection course in Hereford. Darren retired from the Army in late 2004 with an exemplary military conduct and spent the next 8 years in private security advising to the media, corporate & private clients, including Middle Eastern Royal Families.

As an experienced Forex trader and knowledge of the real estate market, Darren has been able to create new investment opportunities giving him the advantage over others.
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