Dipendra Guliani

Dipendra Guliani


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ريرا# رقم تسجيل الوسيط الصادر للوكلاء العاملين في شركات الوساطة المسجلة في مؤسسة التنظيم العقاري في دبي 41489

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A seasoned real estate professional with 17 years of experience in the Dubai real estate industry. Over the years has become the GO TO realtor of choice for any property related advice in Dubai. He values relationships and trust & firmly believes in offering impartial advice, he is not your typical commission centric real estate agent.

Being among the first in the industry to be certified as a real estate professional, his in-depth understanding of property trends, knowledge of old & new projects and updated data of transaction analysis he can guide you in making the most accurate property decisions whether it is for investment, end use or simply that second opinion when you are confused.

With loyal clients spanning the globe from US, Canada, UK, Africa, Iran, Australia , India , Kuwait and many more countries, he can ensure you make the right choice & grow your wealth in properties. Feel free to get in touch 24/7 and you are guaranteed unmatched reliable service & experience.
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