Mohamed El Kohli

Mohamed El Kohli


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الرخصة التجارية# هذا هو رقم ترخيص الوكيل الصادر عن دائرة التنمية الاقتصادية في أبوظبي. CN-2627577

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Mohamed is a professional specializing in rentals in the ever-popular Al Reem Island, Al Reef, West yas,Yas Acres . With extensive client service experience here in the UAE(Abu Dhabi) for more then 7 years an in-depth knowledge of the residential market in Al Reem Island, Al Reef, West yas,Yas Acres Abu Dhabi & a very personable approach, Mohamed prides himself on offering a bespoke service to his Clients looking for the right property.
He offers his clients an impeccable service from start to finish, resulting in plenty of referrals from happy customers.
He always has an amazing selection of properties, which has also added to his success so far in the Real Estate industry.
He prides himself on providing service that is nothing less than excellent. He believes that being honest with your client will come a long way as they deserve transparency at every angle. His formula is is very simple - unrivaled customer service, advanced technology and passion in the business.
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