Noufal Paduvil

Noufal Paduvil


اللغات:English, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam

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الرخصة التجارية# هذا هو رقم ترخيص الوكيل الصادر عن دائرة التنمية الاقتصادية في أبوظبي. CN-1835424

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In my time in Real Estate I have actively increased my ability in selling and managing property listings, visiting properties with prospective clients and examining real estate contracts, client relationship activities; accommodating rental requirements and providing detailed information on the current market by educating on new investment areas, legislation, and legal necessities, Promoting sales of properties through various marketing model, I am enthusiastic and confident with a strong work, having a vast range of expertise acquired within the private and public sectors, client focused with the ability to communicate effectively with various stakeholders, with established knowledge and experience within the properties industry also being a logical thinker with a practical and dedicated approach to problem solving.
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