Pankaj Ahuja

Pankaj Ahuja


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ريرا# رقم تسجيل الوسيط الصادر للوكلاء العاملين في شركات الوساطة المسجلة في مؤسسة التنظيم العقاري في دبي 29448

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Rapid Deals Real Estate Brokers was born as a result of my passion for Real Estate industry and the desire to deliver quality to home seekers. Backed with the experience of setting up and managing the Mumbai operations since 1996,

I have always closely watched every detail of each transaction to meet our client’s needs and expectations. I take personal interest in all aspects of the company from Marketing to Client Servicing. My motto with my clients is complete transparency and honesty. My aim is to win client satisfaction and confidence, irrespective of the value of the deal. The Company builds its reputation and thrives on the trust placed by its clients, which has always been more important than any monetary gains.
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