ARAS Real Estate

ARAS Real Estate

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ARAS Real Estate, home is where you live, grow, and thrive. We create excellent experiences and the best service. Places that evoke, move and intrigue. We use insight, originality, craft, and detail and we create. We build our business around the UAE’s leading residential portfolio and a diversification division with corporate assets. ARAS Real Estate has put sustainable innovation at the heart of its strategy to create value, anticipate its customers’ expectations and invest while respecting the environment, thanks to the dedication and expertise of its staff. In line with our commitments to the
community, ARAS Real Estate has created a company foundation, which is focused on providing the best possible product/solution available. When that special time comes to turn the key to your new home, you can be confident that your family will cherish your investment for years to come. You’ll discover that ARAS Real Estate builds homes where your dreams can come true.

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