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Dream Catcher Real Estate

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Since 2014, Dream Catcher Real Estate Brokers has earned a top
reputation from its clients by providing expert real estate services.
As the team has grown so has Dream Catcher’s reach. Dream Catcher
carefully selects and places employees in different services in order to
provide the best service to clients.
Those services extend beyond simple sales and leasing. With Dream
Catcher, clients receive profitable advice in areas like property investment
and management, refurbishment advice and current analysis on the state
of the property market.
Dream Catcher works with clients looking for creative opportunities and
fresh concepts to take advantage of the real estate market. Smart
individuals, investors, developers and agents choose us to maximize their
positions. They benefit from our custom decision-making process and
unique, re-engineered structures. This gives them security in the rapidly changing
real estate landscape.
Please review our proven track record of success, comprehensive list of
services offered, and professional staff. We believe this provides you, the
client, with attractive opportunities in whichever market interests you.

Why Dream Catcher?

Dream Catcher Real Estate has one of the best portfolios of properties in
Dubai, and frequently presents the latest offers. This makes us your perfect
partner for either selling/leasing your UAE property. And if you are looking
for the “DREAM CATCHER” deal, no other real estate firm is better
positioned to help you than us.
We research the markets and changes, and are always looking for the next
incredible opportunity. What sets us apart is our use of both traditional
market diligence and seeking creative unexplored strategies. This allows us
to help our clients in the most profitable way in today’s competitive market.
Our primary objective lies in securing a firm relationship with our clients,
ensuring that our services are authentic, reliable, efficient and practicable.
We provide our clients with a luxury real estate service, embracing user friendly
and modern approaches.
At Dream Catcher Real Estate, we are intent delivering a sophisticated real
estate program to our clients, but never lose the feel of a small
neighborhood office. That means we maintain the highest level of
professional conduct. Our transactions are undertaken with integrity and a
determination to provide you with the effective and efficient service you
deserve. We never lose sight of the experience each client expects from
your own personalized real estate agent.
Here is a list of attributes that help you find the best deal, no matter what
type of real estate market you are interested in.

Expert Negotiators

Dream Catcher Real Estate’s team has over a decade of experience in the
UAE market. We pledge to you that we will get you the best and most
competitive pricing, a thoughtful plan, and the quality service.
Enthusiastic team and work environment
We understand the importance of having a support team to make the
process more efficient for our clients. At Dream Catcher Real Estate we do
not compromise with our staff. We became the leading real estate company
in the UAE through our positivity, dedication, reputation for reliability and
commitment to our work. We emphasis keeping our clients satisfied and
happy. Work with us and you’ll see the difference.

Transparency and Communication

Dream Catcher Real Estate believes our clients should have clarity on each
step of the process. We work hard to ensure there are communications
obstacles between our agents and customers. Expect nothing but the
highest level of transparency with Dream Catcher Real Estate.

Exposure and Knowledge

Our step-by-step process guarantees you the right agent, proper exposure
to the market, and knowledge for you to make the best decision. In the
beginning, we make sure the right specialist associate is handling your
property. Your property is then advertised in the proper channels, ensuring
the right investors see it. You’ll be kept informed of any and all changes,
and we are there for you every day to answer all your questions.
Be assured that by working with Dream Catcher, you will receive the very
best deals available in any market whether you are buying or selling —
residential, commercial or investment properties.

Behind the Success of DC

Karim Hossam Aziz Badreldin – Managing Director
Karim uses his dual expertise in banking and real estate to give Dream
Catcher Real Estate clients an advantage in the market. In 2010, he
worked at Union National Bank overseeing the mortgage team. After this
experience, he moved into real estate. Eventually, he decided to focus and co-create the
Dream Catcher Real Estate because he knew his experience would
provide clients with a complete end-to-end solution when buying, selling or
leasing property. He also worked at United National in wealth management
and at NOOR bank.

Services - Real Estate Services

Dream Catcher Real Estate provides a full list of real estate services for our
If you are seeking to purchase or sell a property, our associates will help
you get the best deal possible — whether it be for a commercial or
residential transaction.
We also provide expert assistance in the rental markets. Looking to lease a
resident or commercial property? Need a reliable, proven property
management firm? Call us today so we can give you up-to-the-minute
information on the latest market conditions.
Here are the range of services we offer to assist you with any real estate

Residential Sales
● Commercial Sales
● Residential Leasing
● Property Management
● Financial Services
● Investment Opportunities
● Portfolio Management
● Project Marketing Service
Services - Interior Decorations

Dream Catcher Real Estate does more than just help you find the best deal
on real estate. Our professional associates can help you craft the perfect
environment for your taste in design. Whether it’s elegant, modern or
traditional, we will make it unique for you!
Services - Mortgage Consultancy
Dream Catcher Real Estate offers the best financing options on any real
estate transaction. We can do this because our relationship with trusted
strategic partners. Our reputation allows us to have access to the best
financing options available in Dubai.

Key Selling Points

Work with a boutique agency that is the Top Seller in Emaar Egypt in 2015.
Discover our personal service in 9 International languages.
We are an expert real estate service providing our clients with a variety of
listings, top mortgage advisors, interior design, and professional movers.
See the difference in our work with our amazing professional photography
and graphic design.
Sales Message

Facebook: When you decide to list your property with us, we’ll use our
proven methods to market it properly to the right audience. And we promise
to guide you step-by-step to make informed decisions. Please contact us
today to discuss how we can help you make the right choice.
Twitter: The premier real estate broker for buying, selling and leasing
property in UAE.

General (for Google Plus and Linkedin)

Dream Catcher Real Estate is the premier real estate broker in Dubai. We
help our clients lease, buy and sell a diverse portfolio of properties,
including villas, apartments, warehouses, offices and showrooms. Our
clients favor us because of our expertise, professionalism, and our ability to
close a deal. We provide property management services for both
commercial and residential properties. Dream Catcher offers a structured
portfolio of freehold properties in most of the developed projects in the
freehold sector. This allows us to address the specific needs of our clients
looking to buy or sell. We work to exceed the expectations of our clients.
Please give us a call today to discuss your real estate needs.

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