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F&A Real Estate LLC

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F&A Real Estate

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About Us
FA was founded in Sharjah UAE, and is a part of the SAHAR Group of Companies.
The founders have extensive knowledge of Real Estate markets in Asia and North America and have several plots and assets globally.
FA is founded to fulfill the market demand for a higher level of service and innovate solutions for investments and property management.

Mission statement
We provide the most professional, informative, loyal and dedicated service in the industry. The best interests of our clients will always come first and we will place the clients’ concerns ahead of our own in each and every transaction, as we are dedicated to the development of long-term client relationships! Our team-approach philosophy ensures your needs are important to each and every member of our organization.

Values and Ethics

We respect our clients as equal partners who deserve our complete attention and support. Our reputation is based on earning and maintaining the confidence of our clients by continually striving to understand their needs completely and using all resources at our disposal to meet or exceed those needs.
We believe that our investment in personnel, materials, and technology allows us to multiply our operating efficiencies in our areas of expertise. We share this value with our clients by offering services that lower their operating costs, improve productivity, and liberate resources our clients can use better in their core area of operations.
We understand the physical and mental harm caused by injuries and accidents, and we commit ourselves to educate both our employees and our clients in safe working practices. We will work to continually maintain a clean and sound environment for working and for the preservation of information.
We are constantly on guard against external or internal criminal or malicious activity that could injure personnel or damage information assets in our care. We recognize our duty to maintain the integrity of our facilities, processes, vehicles, and personnel.
Our business decisions, company policies, communication practices and employee actions are based on sound ethical principles. We believe in fair dealings and honest and complete communication with our clients and aspire toward the continuous improvement of our organization.
Our organization is comprised of individuals who work together toward a common goal of exceptional service. We extend this spirit of teamwork and common purpose to our clients, and also to our competitors. We value opportunities to learn from one another in order to improve what we do.
Code of Ethics
As a member of PRISM International, we recognize our commitment to a philosophy of professionalism toward our clients, fellow members and the public.Our commitment to each of these is
• Clearly identify the terms and conditions of our contractual agreements and fulfill them in good faith.
• Maintain the confidentiality and security of client information resources.
• Initiate best practices and utilize quality controls in providing information management services.
• Pledge to keep our facilities, employees, controls, and procedures compliant and prepared to fulfill our responsibilities.

Property Management Services
A complete management package that covers leasing, tenant services and facilities management. FA takes over marketing, day-today management, administration & facilities management on behalf of the owner. The landlord agrees a periodical annual management fee agreed during the signing of the agreement.
Services Offered:
• Establish a Temporary Leasing Office within the Premises (for New Properties)
• Advertising the Property via Print, Online and Outdoor Media
• Finding New Tenants for the Property
• Accompanied Viewing
• Printing of Tenancy Contracts
• Collection of Rent & Security Deposit
• Realization of Rental Cheques (Optional)
• Pre-lease Inspections
• Pre-lease Cleaning
• Pre-lease Pest Control
• Rectification of Identified Snags (Coordinating with Contractors)
• Key Handover
• Assist Tenants in Applying for new DEWA Connection
• Tenant Relationship Management
• Cheque Bounce Follow Up
• Quarterly Financial Reports
• Legal Assistance in Filing Case(Against POA)
• Renewal of Annual Leases
• Release Flats that are Vacant
• Issue Annual Maintenance Contracts for Lifts, Air-conditioning, Swimming pool & Firefighting within the Approved Budget Limits Set by the Landlord
• Daily General Maintenance
Landlords can have complete piece of mind and yet have full financial control over expenses under our comprehensive property management package.

Commercial and Industrial
From raw land to industrial parks, warehousing to high-tech propositions, we work with you to build your wealth through the best industrial real estate solutions that suit your business needs.

International properties
FA offeres international properties to clients for different requirements.
FA currently has offices in CANADA, USA , PAKISTAN and UAE



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