H&H Investment and Development

H&H Investment and Development

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HH is a Dubai based development company established in 2007 by Shahab Lutfi Harmoozi and Mohamed Al Hussaini. Offering turnkey solutions for its extraordinary master planned developments, HH approaches each project with the right blend of innovation and intuition to create timeless developments on the city’s new horizon.

Business functions of the company stretch across investment and development and extend into property management and leasing, both residential and commercial. HH has the sophistication and flexibility to create value across multiple asset classes and marketplaces and is not limited by specific investment criteria, but motivated instead by solid market fundamentals and value creation.

HH offers a complete range of services on both local and international levels to tenants, owners and investors and is committed to working seamlessly with world renowned and local architects to create unique projects of distinction and character.

HH has consistently demonstrated its ability to calculate risks, push traditional market boundaries, and capitalize on the momentum generated from unconventional developments. HH are proactive in finding solutions for its clients that best meet their expectations, and believes in lasting relationships as a core aspect of its business.

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