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At Stonehenge, we are proud of the reputation we have built. And it is our commitment to the highest levels of customer service, we strive to be different to others in our market and go the extra mile when it comes to personal and professional customer service. Key to providing as comprehensive support as possible, are our alliances with professional working partners, providing the latest market news, finance solutions and legal advice.

Our promise is to accompany our clients every step of the way, whether buying, selling or renting, from the first enquiring phone call, right through to the moment they pick up their keys, and in some cases beyond that too.

Property Marketing
Property marketing remains the primary focuses of Stonehenge Estate. The property is immediately listed on our portfolio depending on location, type of action desired (buy/ sell/ rent/ lease), price details and other factors. Our representatives may visit your property to determine its best points which are then converted into a unique selling proposition. Our site is available and active, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the range of offers you will soon be getting.

Finding You a Home to Buy
With years of experience behind us, Stonehenge Real Estate has one of the best reputations globally and in the UAE and especially the Abu Dhabi real estate market. Our particular know how on where the best properties are located, the pricing and bargaining aspect, demand and supply and other particularities that affect the final price provide us the winning edge over other competitors in the field.

Finding You a Home to Rent
Rental properties in the UAE can range from apartments to villas, and marina residences to stately homes in community based structures. The rental period can vary from as short as a day to annual basis. Arrangements can also be made for holiday villas, furnished and fully serviced apartments etc. It all depends upon your length of stay, your budget, the rental rates and the location of the property

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