Zaya Realty LLC

Zaya Realty LLC

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Zaya Realty is a boutique real estate organisation specializing in luxury residential properties in the UAE, with a professional team focused on delivering a personalized service. Zaya Realty was founded in 2008 with a clear vision and well-defined principles that apply to all areas of our work. It is our continued commitment to these principles that sets Zaya Realty apart from its competitors. Our clients' satisfaction is paramount to defining our success.

Vision - To be the first contact for buyers and sellers of luxury residential real estate in the UAE.
Mission - Understanding and exceeding the needs of discerning HNWI clients who seek excellence through a professional and personalized service in the luxury real estate market.
Values - Discretion, Refinement, Uniqueness, Savviness, Personalized Professionalism, Teamship and Passion.

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