How to Assert Eid Spirit with Eid Decorations for Home

Eid is coming up and everyone’s excited about all the fun they will have with their family and friends and loved ones! How about adding little touches at home to spread more joy to this magical time?

Here are some ideas on how to decorate your house for eid for ultimate fun.

Eid Decorations

Dining Room Decorations

This is where the magic happens! Food is the secret to everyone’s happiness, well mostly.. so why not make it even more bewitching?
Here are some ideas:

  • Happy Eid welcome sign right about the dining room entrance
  • Miniature sheep on the dining room table
  • Medium to large-sized stuffed sheep in the corners
  • Star in a crescent golden and silver ornaments hanging from the ceiling or on the walls
  • Eid themed table covers

Living Room Decorations

This is where you spend most of your time, so you might want to add more decorations here. Here are some ideas for Eid house decorations for your living room:

  • Sheep bookstands
  • Kaaba miniature
  • Eid pictures in frames
  • Eid themed cushions 
Eid Decorations for Home

Bedroom Decorations

Some light bedroom decorations can be pretty cool, especially for children’s bedrooms to help them feel the spirit of eid even more.
Here are some ideas for home decoration for eid in bedrooms:

  • Eid themed blankets: blankets with the words Eid Mubarak on them or sheep pictures
  • Eid themed pillows
  • Hanging sheep from the ceiling for kids’ bedrooms
  • Stuffed sheep in the corners on the floor or on shelves
  • Kaaba posters

Guest Room Decorations

This is where everyone heads first thing when they arrive and usually, people have many guests during Eid, so you may want to share more joy with them in the guest room, so here are some more ideas on how to decorate for eid:

  • Table cloths with sheep or happy eid on them
  • Happy eid wooden signs on the wall
  • Eid themed miniatures on tables and shelves
Eid Decorations for Home

Not that the eid spirit is not in the air, but a little touch of eid at home makes a difference and brings more joy to you and your family. Come on! Add these little touches and be even more ready for the season!

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