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About the many properties available for rent in UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an ultra modern, cosmopolitan country that has seen unprecedented growth over the past 2 decades. It’s mostly expat population are transient by nature and the demand for top quality, affordable rental properties in the UAE has continued unabated. Both the federal and local governments have made great strides in meeting this demand by not only investing in residential development projects but by adjusting and implementing tenancy and rental legislation that is in line with world standards.

Of the 7 emirates that make up the UAE, Dubai contains an overwhelming majority of properties for rent followed by Abu Dhabi and then Sharjah.Apartments for rent are the most commonly found property type in the UAE which is famous for its iconic towering skylines. Since the UAE is synonymous with luxury and modern living that goes to a whole new level, there’s a vastly expanding number of villas for rent in the UAE, many of which are part of master communities and gated compounds. There are also plenty of standalone villas available to rent as well.

Looking at properties for rent in Dubai, we see that apartments are far more affordable for most people and are also abundantly available throughout the emirate. Apartments for rent in Dubai Marina as well as the Palm Jumeirah rental apartments remain firm favourites. The rental villas in Arabian Ranches have long been popular with families who prefer truly suburban living in a modern setting. Dubai is home to world famous shopping malls and there’s a lot of different schools and universities around which works out quite well for families. It is a constant hive of activity with something for everyone.

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How to look for properties for rent in UAE

Moving on to properties for rent in Abu Dhabi, you can find some very classy modern apartments for rent in Al Reem Island and if you look at properties for rent in Khalifa City you can find a good mix of affordable apartments and villas for rent. Abu Dhabi is famous for having many parks and green areas and is also very family oriented. It’s got a lot to offer the young professional and families alike.

The properties for rent in Sharjah are also predominantly apartments in Al Nahda which is right on the border with Dubai and perpetually busy as residents enjoy cheaper rent by living in Sharjah and commuting to work in Dubai. Sharjah has many cultural museums and historical sites to check out and is also wonderful for families.

Each emirate has its own unique rental laws and it’s important to know the differences when choosing your property for rent. For example, Abu Dhabi does not have a rental cap so technically landlords can ask for any rental amount however a savvy landlord knows to work within the market’s accepted range for rent in order to keep tenants happy and vacancies filled. In Dubai, there is a rental index that governs the level of rental increase based on location and size of the property in case you want to rent a house in Dubai. A rental calculator helps both landlords and tenants determine if a rental increase is allowed and should there be any disputes, either party can file a rental dispute case. If you're renting in Sharjah, you get to stay in your property for 3 years before a landlord is even allowed to discuss increasing rent. is the best place to find your next home no matter what property you wish to rent in the UAE.