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Fully furnished apartments for rent in Dubai to choose from

As one of the largest emirates in UAE, the emirate of Dubai has witnessed a huge growth over the past few years. This cosmopolitan city has become a well-known hub for tourism, industry and commerce. As a result of this immense breakthrough, Dubai has become one of the most sought cities around the world. Investors, tourists and expats visit Dubai benefit from its growing economy and enjoy its outstanding atmosphere. That is why Dubai real estate market has rapidly grown to meet the demands of the constantly growing population, with many residential projects and towering skyscrapers the market has flourished along other aspects of the city.

Getting an apartment for rent in Dubai has become a chosen way of life for many residents whether, expats, tourist or businessmen. In addition, many of the Emirati people prefer living in Dubai apartments for rent, even though some of may have other accommodations such as houses or villas. They know and understand that choosing flats for rent in Dubai definitely has its advantages.

There are many Dubai Apartments for rent dotted all everywhere in the emirate, and they are usually found in building clusters or compounds. Further, there are some popular destinations where you can easily find a plethora of rental apartments in Dubai. Those destinations include; Jumeirah Beach Residence, TECOM, Jumeirah Lakes, Business Bay, Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai. To rent an apartment in Dubai in one of these areas would mean that you would be able to explore the beauty of this great city. Each of these areas have unique building with mesmerizing designs and numerous facilities.

Facilities of Dubai Flats for rent include gyms, saunas, pools, 24/7 security and underground parking. However, in the older parts of the city, you could find rental flats in Dubai that don’t have those facilities, the rental of these flats is usually less than the one which do have facilities. In areas like Jumeirah Lakes Towers you can find apartments for rent in thirty-story buildings while in areas like Al Barsha and Deira, Dubai apartments for rent could be found in fifteen-story buildings. In these areas there are plenty of fully furnished apartments for rent in Dubai. Moreover, furnished studios for rent in Dubai are among the most popular apartments in those areas.

The most popular destinations for Dubai apartments for rent
Fully furnished apartments available for monthly rent in Dubai

Most Popular types of Dubai Flats for Rent

To help you choose a flat for rent in Dubai which suits your needs and budget here are the most popular types of Dubai flats.

1- Studio apartments for rent in Dubai are considered popular among newly arriving expats who are looking for an accommodation in Dubai and want to save rental money. What is more, some expats choose to get studio for rent in Dubai and share the space with others.

2- 1 bedroom apartments for rent in Dubai come right after studio apartments; they are perfect for small families and expats who want a little more privacy. One bedroom apartments rentals are depend on their locations and the facilities available in the building.

3- 2 and 3 bedroom apartments for rent in Dubai are also popular especially among expats with managerial posts and those who have families.

4- 4 bedroom apartments for rent are not as popular as the other types, however; some prefer large space.

5- Hotel apartments are sought after by many business men, and you can actually find cheap hotel apartments for rent in Dubai.

6- As a further matter, you could probably find a room for rent in Dubai at a great price. And if you want to enjoy the extravagance life of the city, can definitely find luxury and services apartments for rent in Dubai.

The range of Dubai accommodations offered is staggering, and it is all for your benefit. Finding cheap apartment for rent in Dubai is not an impossible task any more as apartment rentals Dubai are now monitored by Dubai government.

In addition, you can choose between getting an apartment for rent in Dubai monthly or yearly. On Property Finder UAE you can find a wide range of flats for rent in Dubai and choose the one that suits you. The website also offers a wide range of properties for rent in Dubai for you to choose from so you could compare the pros and cons of each property type.