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All about renting an apartment on the Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah is an icon of Dubai and the UAE and is not just home to luxury hotels but to many wonderful rental apartments as well.The apartments on the Palm Jumeirah are located on the ‘trunk’ of the structure in a variety of different apartment buildings and towers. Each building has its own unique designs and apartment sizes vary across the board though you will typically find everything from studio and 1 bedroom apartments available right up to 4 bedroom apartments for rent.

Life on the Palm is incredible when you consider that you’re living on a modern man-made wonder of the world! If your rental apartment is situated high enough, you get to enjoy beautiful views of the fronds of the Palm Jumeirah, the skyline of Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residence as well as other parts of Dubai, including the Burj Al Arab.

As the demand for rental apartments on the Palm Jumeirah has increased, so too has the availability of amenities. Cafes, shops, restaurants and grocery stores have opened up across the Palm Jumeirah making life even more convenient. Residents who rent apartments on the Palm tend to be young professionals and couples however the presence of parks along the Palm has also made it even more attractive for families and those with pets.

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golden mile apartments on palm jumeirah

When you rent on the Palm Jumeirah, your landlord will typically be a foreign investor though you may also find local investors owning property here too. Most apartments come unfurnished so you’re free to decorate as you please however a growing trend is for landlords to kit out an apartment and rent it out as a furnished or semi furnished place which makes it easier for new tenants, in particular those new to Dubai.

The Shoreline Apartments are most popular for rental apartments on the Palm Jumeirah and these run all along the trunk. Another popular part of the Palm is Marina Residences which sits all along the outer areas on the top of the trunk. Oceana, Tiara Residences and the Golden Mile are also sought after apartment buildings due to their location on the Palm.

Something to keep in mind when renting an apartment on the Palm Jumeirah is to be mindful of chiller fees. This refers to the air conditioner or ‘AC’. Check whether these are included in your rent or whether you need to fork out extra.

For anyone looking to rent an apartment in a bustling iconic part of town that has all of the modern comforts you’d expect, the Palm Jumeirah is hard to beat. Demand is always high but with a bit of research, you’ll be sure to find a fantastic apartment for rent on the Palm Jumeirah.