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Choosing the right villa for rent on the Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah is one of Dubai’s most desirable addresses for so many reasons. It’s an icon of Dubai, has broken and made many world records due to its unique palm tree-like structure and is also viewable from space! It’s also home to thousands of people who live in luxury villas situated on its many fronds.

People choose to live on the Palm Jumeirah because it’s just a great place to be overall. Lots of coffee shops and restaurants, access to many hotels for the day (or a staycation) and the fact that you get to live on one of the most recognisable icons of the world. Renting a villa on the Palm Jumeirah is something many expat families choose to do as they have short term plans to live in Dubai and want to still stay in tremendous comfort. Many families that have long term plans to stay in Dubai also choose to rent villas on the Palm Jumeirah as they’re not in the market to buy. Whatever your reasons, living on the famous Palm Jumeirah is an amazing experience.

Villas for rent on the Palm Jumeirah are expertly designed with influences from around the world including the Mediterranean and local culture. The area is all about large, spacious villas with private pools and gardens and even access to the sandy shores of each frond (think of it like a private beach of sorts).

palm jumeirah core from above
rental villa on palm jumeirah

Villas tend to be upwards of the 4 bedroom mark within 5, 6 and 7 bedroom rental villas common on the Palm Jumeirah. Each frond is gated with 24 hour security so residents can feel extra secure. The lovely shoreline park is available for anyone to use and is found on the ‘trunk’ of the Palm Jumeirah running alongside the monorail track. If you wish to venture out of the Palm, Sheikh Zayed Road is within reach.

Be sure to submit your papers for EJARI registration, keep an eye on the rental calculator in the event you get a rental increase notice and if things don’t quite work out in discussions with your landlord, you may need to file a rental dispute case. However that being said, since the area is freehold and most landlords are foreigners keen on keeping their properties as occupied and tenants as happy as possible, one can expect to have more cordial relations with their landlord. In fact, some villas may even come furnished as an extra drawcard though this is very rare and renters often prefer to bring their own furnishings.

Renting a villa on the Palm Jumeirah is something truly unique and if you have the means and the desires to be part of history by living on a world icon, check out the Palm Jumeirah today!