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2.9 /5

Golden Mile 5

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Resident reviews

2.7 /5
Going Downhill
We moved to Golden Mile in 2019, due to the layout, huge walk-in closets and bathrooms, and retail downstairs. However, the buildings are now older for Dubai standards, and not well maintained. Most of the retail has closed in Building 1 due to Nakheel not lowering the rent and competition from the new Nakheel Mall. The worst part is the noise from the road and the Five hotel. We are moving due to the unbearable noise and trashy guests from the Five, that no authorities are willing to deal with.
3 /5
Do not even consider this apartment
Very bad option for anyone to consider. Overpriced and no services in the building.
3 /5
Best layouts I have seen so far at Palm
I used to live in Palm in several towers and Golden miles these days became much better than used before. I like layouts, being very big with extra appreciation on quality, separate closet room and lovely bathrooms. These building worth to be called outstanding. I could mark them 8 out of 10 but being without swimming pool and gym, my overal score to them is 6.5 out of 10.
2.9 /5
Golden mile
Modern clean apartments however noise from contruction and busy road let these buildings down