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4 /5

Marina Residences 1

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Resident reviews

5 /5
Best apartments in Dubai on the sunny side of Palm Jumeirah
Great large apartments with large south facing balconies with 356 days of sunsets a year. Amazing development with 3 pools, gyms, mature gardens full of birds, 5 star facilities, and walking distance to beach clubs, restaurants, the cinema and the mall. Also has good parking facilities with extra space to welcome visitors at the front og the building. What more could you ask for?
5 /5
Perfect living
I’ve rented in MR2 and bought in MR3. The apartments are well maintained bright and very good quality. Walking connection to Nakheel Mall and the Golden Mile mall and lots of options for restaurants. The new Palm West Beach has only improved the situation. Top quality location.
3.1 /5
Better Gym and Beach Access would have made it amazing
Perfect building and perfect location with great pool and marina access. The only missing things are better gym and a beach access. Other than that, I enjoy living there.
3.9 /5
Guest Parking is Very Important
A place with lots of parking space potentially will lead a good cliental interest in living in th3 vicinity.
4 /5
Quality Tower on Palm
Some of the best towers on Palm Jumeira in terms of quality of structure and materials used indoors & outdoors. The complex has overall good ambience and an impressive entrance lobby. 3 spacious lifts and wide parking bays add to the convenience. Parking could do with some brighter and pleasant lighting, plus some more visible signage. Built in appliances are sturdy and good makes. Floors of the apartments and bathroom walls also seem of some exclusive materials.
3 /5
Marina Residence 1 on Palm Jumeirah
We moved in when the building opened and have been living here for the past six years. There is a walkway on the lower ground level that wraps around the back of three buildings and has a view of the marina. There is a pool between each building that is manned by a full-time lifeguard, has lounge chairs and sun umbrellas, and is well maintained. Each pool has access to showers, toilets, hot tub, sauna, and steam room. These facilities are clean, well maintained and stocked with toilet paper and paper towels. There is also a small garden area between each building that is well maintained. The building has a security guard and concierge in the main reception. Security is good and can be a little over-zealous at times. If you have a cleaner come, they (or their company) will have to apply for a security pass, or they will not be allowed access to the building. I am still unsure of the duties and job description of the concierge, but they are quite friendly. To access the building and any of the floors (from the elevator), including the parking garage, you need a swipe card. This card is even required to exit the parking garage. The building is suited for adults, and is not kid-friendly, as there are no play areas or parks that are easy to access. For the first few years after the building opened, the garbage shute was taped shut and not useable. This did not seem to be a problem, as there were few residents and a large garbage bin was provided in the trash room. A couple of years ago the garbage shute opened but it is not useable as they keep the large garbage bin placed in front of it. This bin is no longer adequate for the amount of garbage produced by a full building, and many inconsiderate people throw opened bags of trash in the room which usually spill and cause a big mess. There are only ten guest parking spaces in front of the building. These are alway occupied and it is nearly impossible for visitors to find a place to park. Overall, Marina Residence is a nice place to live.

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