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4.4 /5

Marina Residences 6

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4.9 /5
Best Marina Residences Building
I like Building 6 as its quiet and private. Its located at the end and next to a hotel... with privacy for at least half of the building. The biggest draw is the underground access to the Mall... which is a gamechanger... especially in the summer. Security are friendly and the pool area has recently been upgraded.
4.7 /5
MR6 - Great Position on the Palm
We moved here a few years ago. Having looked at a variety of the residences, our apartment in MR6 had the dark wood floors we liked best. We also prefer being opposite the entrance to the Mall, and being on the side that allows us to walk to the Vista Mare restaurants. Recommend.
4.7 /5
Marina Residences 6 is the best of Marina Residences buildings
Great services and Maintanance, the staff is very friendly and always willing to help
4.3 /5
Marina Residence 6 views, walkable beach and amenities and the largest expanse of sea
We have lived in Marina Residence 6 for 5 years now. We chose it as it has the largest expanse of sea views - similar to MR 1 - however this side also has walkable access to Vista Mare (and the beach), and the shoreline amenities without having to cross a road. As it's on the first swing round of the Palm i.e. access rather than exit route, there is always a taxi to be easily found. Milk and Honey (24 hours luxury deli) is a few minutes walk and we love the views of the marina from the window. The A type is incrediibly spacious with 3 beds in over 4,000 sq feet - with views from all bedrooms and living space.
4.9 /5
Large apartments for price
The sq is good at affordable prices.great views and location.
3.6 /5
Marina Residence 6
When arriving to view apartment in building no 6, I had trouble finding a parking. Not many parking bays available and did not find a parking - had to park illegally. Security staff was very friendly and a plus point was the security with a card to access the lifts. Viewed an A-type, 3 bed apartment. Spacious with beautiful upmarket finishes, amazing views from every room. Great swimming and gym facilities.
3.6 /5
Im happy
Good property in terms of valuation with a nice finishing

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