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4.1 /5

Marina Residences 6

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4.3 /5
Marina Residence 6 views, walkable beach and amenities and the largest expanse of sea
We have lived in Marina Residence 6 for 5 years now. We chose it as it has the largest expanse of sea views - similar to MR 1 - however this side also has walkable access to Vista Mare (and the beach), and the shoreline amenities without having to cross a road. As it's on the first swing round of the Palm i.e. access rather than exit route, there is always a taxi to be easily found. Milk and Honey (24 hours luxury deli) is a few minutes walk and we love the views of the marina from the window. The A type is incrediibly spacious with 3 beds in over 4,000 sq feet - with views from all bedrooms and living space.
4.9 /5
Large apartments for price
The sq is good at affordable prices.great views and location.
3.6 /5
Marina Residence 6
When arriving to view apartment in building no 6, I had trouble finding a parking. Not many parking bays available and did not find a parking - had to park illegally. Security staff was very friendly and a plus point was the security with a card to access the lifts. Viewed an A-type, 3 bed apartment. Spacious with beautiful upmarket finishes, amazing views from every room. Great swimming and gym facilities.
3.6 /5
Im happy
Good property in terms of valuation with a nice finishing

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