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3.6 /5

Al Basri

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Resident reviews

4.6 /5
Needs a makeover but undeniably perfect location
The location of these apartments is incredible. Right on the beach, gym and pool on the doorstep and a full view of the ocean and both Burj's. I LOVE it, and I LOVE my apartment, BUT the finishings, colour palette and quality of the interiors are vile. If Nakheel were just to simply, repaint the interiors/kitchen and bathroom fascias within the apartments, and re-interior design the common areas, then the buildings would, in my opinion, be one of the most sought after in Dubai with their perfect location and facilities of the Palm.
2.6 /5
Made out of cardboard
Looks great from the outside but poorly constructed and cheaply finished. The one good thing about the building is the soundproofing.
3.6 /5
A building built like a house card
3 months into living there we are still complaining (to no avail) so far about the lack of hot water ! everywhere you look, something breaks ! Having said that it is a perfect location and hopefully all will get fixed eventually.