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Serenia Residences East, Serenia Residences The Palm, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
1,782 / sqft

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The Palm Jumeirah is a uniquely designed marvel of technology, architecture, engineering and human endeavour on what’s possible. It is one of Dubai’s most sought after locations because of its prestige status, very convenient location just off Sheikh Zayed Road and for its top quality housing. The sheer number of properties for sale in Palm Jumeirah has skyrocketed in recent years and so too has demand for this amazing location.

On the Palm Jumeirah, one can buy all sorts of property from apartments to villas, to land and townhouses and penthouses. However there’s a lot more apartments up for sale than any other property type with a sizeable offering of villas for sale too. One can also buy land on the Palm Jumeirah and since the area is designated as freehold, you don’t have to be a UAE national to own land or any property on the Palm Jumeirah.

Apartments for sale in Palm Jumeirah are the most prominent property for sale on the Palm and can be found along the ‘trunk’ of the tree-like development. They greatly range in size from studios and 1 bedroom apartments right up to 5 and 6 bedroom apartments which make them ideal for anyone from singletons to young couples and growing families. Depending on the location of your apartment building, you can get great views of other properties on the Palm Jumeirah as well as Dubai Marina, JBR and of course the hard to miss Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab. Like all other properties for sale in Dubai, styles and fittings will differ but comfort is assured.

villa for sale on the palm jumeirah
apartments for sale on the palm jumeirah

There’s a great variety of properties for sale on the Palm Jumeirah to look at

Villas for sale in Palm Jumeirah are uniquely situated on the fronds of the Palm Jumeirah and are part of secure, gated communities with 24 hour watch. Prospective buyers can still drive through the areas once cleared by security to get an idea of what the villas look like in the community. Although designs vary considerably across all villas on the Palm, the general feel is one of modern comfort, with inspiration from local culture, the Mediterranean as well as contemporary styles. The villas on the Palm Jumeirah suit large families with 4, 5 and 6 bedroom villas being the most popular. There are also smaller 2 and 3 villas for sale on the Palm for younger families and couples.

Land for sale on Palm Jumeirah is also found mostly on the fronds of the structure and vary greatly in size. These plots of land on the Palm Jumeirah provide prospective home builders freedom to design and build a truly incredible home with the location being one of the most spectacular in the world. As long as you work within the community guidelines set out by Nakheel, one can be creative when putting together their vision for a wonderful home on the Palm Jumeirah.

With such a unique address, convenient location and availability of and proximity to all amenities, it’s very clear that the Palm Jumeirah is a part of the world without an equal. No matter what property for sale in Palm Jumeirah you’re considering, it will definitely be worth every penny.

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