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Finding an apartment for sale on the Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah is an iconic feat of masterful engineering and is synonymous with Dubai. Being able to say that you live on “The Palm” as it is affectionately known has become a bit of a badge of honour and why not? It’s home to some absolutely spectacular apartments and affords its residents with the best of everything.

Most of the apartments that are available for sale on the Palm Jumeirah are located along the ‘trunk’ of the structure and there’s many different apartment buildings to check out to find the right apartment for you.

In typical Dubai fashion, the Palm Jumeirah does everything at a whole new level, pushing the boundaries when it comes to design, architecture and overall style. Buildings have unique names with equally different themes and no matter where you choose to live, you’ll most certainly enjoy enviable views of the Palm Jumeirah and Dubai’s spectacular skyline.

Many people choose to buy and live in apartments on the Palm Jumeirah for the long term because it's centrally located and has all the amenities you could want. Whether you’re living on your own, as a couple or with a family, the Palm has lots of cafes, restaurants and grocery stores to cater for your needs. There’s quite a few parks for relaxing and exercising and for anyone with pets, this is perfect especially in the cooler months.

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On the Palm Jumeirah, apartment buyers can find everything from studio and 1 bedroom apartments right up to 5 and 6 bedroom apartments. The sizing can vary depending on building style and location and when it comes to apartment sales, most come unfurnished. If you plan to live in the apartment after purchase, you’re free to deck it out to your tastes. Even if it’s an investment and you’re looking to draw in tenants, it pays to really kit out the apartment to give your apartment that extra edge on the market.

Popular apartments for sale on the Palm Jumeirah are located in Shoreline Apartments and Golden Mile, both situated along the trunk of the Palm. Another equally popular location is at the tip of the trunk where Marina Residences is located. All of these locations boast of excellent ocean, Palm and skyline views.

Apartments within the Palm Jumeirah draw from various influences for their unique style and as this is part of Nakheel’s development, homeowners can be assured of a quality finish. Currently the market is well suited to those looking to buy and if your heart is set on living in Dubai, then buying an apartment on the Palm Jumeirah should be high on your list!