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Dubai is a nexus of excitement in the world, becoming a major tourist and travel destination. It’s also a highly sought after city for those seeking their fortune with the many opportunities across Dubai’s robust and diverse economy.Up until the early 2000s, property ownership was restricted to UAE Nationals however changes in property ownership laws over the past decade have drawn in investors and new residents looking to make Dubai their long term home.

Some of the most popular areas to find an apartment for sale in Dubai include Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah and Business Bay.In recent times, Apartments for sale in Dubai Sports City has grown in popularity and many investors and residents have been looking to buy an apartment there. There's a lot to choose between studio rooms, one bedroom flat, 2 bedroom apartments and more that are available for sale.

Typically, with apartments for sale, they are sold unfurnished. One may be fortunate enough to find a furnished apartment for sale but these are not common. If you’re buying an apartment and don’t intend to live in your property, furnishing it before putting it on the market is a great way to draw attention. Families can certainly enjoy living in an apartment. It can often be more affordable than other options and since property developers constantly seek to provide the best amenities and improve upon conveniences, there’s not a lot that is lacking from apartment life in Dubai.

Dubai apartment buildings for sale
dubai apartment buildings for sale

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Dubai is quite hot for the best part of the year and over the years, property developers have opted to include indoor gyms and pools as part of the building to help residents make the most during the heat. It’s a big draw card because in older areas like Deira and Bur Dubai, residents don’t have this luxury however if you’re living in Dubai Marina Apartments or Jumeirah Lakes Towers, you’ll be very familiar with these facilities. Anyone looking to make Dubai their permanent home through the purchase of an apartment will have these features high on their checklist.

As Dubai is a city that by its very nature, pushes the envelope on luxury and what is possible, you can expect vastly different styles of apartments for sale across the emirate. Just about every budget and taste is catered for so for anyone looking for properties for sale in Dubai, you can rest assured you’ll find the right one for you.

Although Dubai has relaxed property ownership laws in recent years and opened things up to foreigners, there’s still much to consider before you buy an apartment in Dubai. Having your paperwork in order, engaging legal professionals who are familiar with property purchases and knowing your rights and obligations will help ensure your experience will be positive.