Townhouses for sale in Dubai

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All about the many townhouses for sale in Dubai

Dubai is mostly known for its stunning apartment buildings and skyscrapers offering offices excellent views. It’s also famous for some of the world’s most luxurious villas. But what a lot of people don’t know is that Dubai is fast becoming a place where townhouses can be found in great numbers, all designed to a world class standard and given that typical Dubai touch.

So what is a townhouse and why would you want to buy one in Dubai? A townhouse is technically a smaller version of a villa or regular freestanding home but usually with multiple floors and often ‘attached’ to another similar dwelling next door. Sometimes the definition of a townhouse is loosely applied so you may find differences in the townhouses for sale in Dubai. Nevertheless, if it looks like a townhouse and it’s up for sale, it’s worthwhile considering.

The townhouses for sale in Mudon, JVC, Reem and the iconic Palm Jumeirah are where you’ll find some of the most striking examples of this form of architecture and design. They’re well suited to families but couples and young professionals will certainly find them to be to their liking. The townhouses for sale in Dubai range in size from cosy studios and 1 bedroom townhouses to the more spacious 2, 3 and even 4 bedroom variety. Like their villa counterparts, many come with maids rooms so that’s either a room for your maid if you have one or a place for extra storage.

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Dubai has a growing number of townhouses up for sale

Townhouses are sold unfurnished in Dubai and are available right now in areas considered freehold, ie. where foreigners are able to buy and own property. When Dubai amended its property ownership laws in the 2000s, it opened the doors to foreign investment and allowed non UAE nationals to own homes and make their stay in Dubai more permanent. In fact, some foreigners may even be eligible to obtain a UAE residency visa (if they don’t have one), if the townhouse they buy is valued at 1 million AED. The only catch: it refers to 1 individual property only, not a combination of them and it’s based on sale day value, not potential value.

It’s something to consider if that’s of interest to you. However before buying anything it’s important to understand your own needs and finances. Will a townhouse be sufficient for me? Is it freestanding or in a secure gated compound? Can I afford a downpayment now? Will I need finance? Is the location of the townhouse convenient? And so on. For apartments in JVC, road access is easy being near Al Khail and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Roads. Palm Jumeirah residents are not far from Sheikh Zayed Road which can take them north to Sharjah or south Abu Dhabi. Dubai has fantastic roads but you still need to think about location to shops, schools, your work and business and medical facilities.

Buying in Dubai is a great investment and for those who want to stay in Dubai for the long term, it’s also an idea worth pursuing. When you buy a townhouse for sale in Dubai, you buy a level of convenience, comfort and style that only Dubai can offer. For those with short term plans to stay in Dubai, consider looking at townhouses for rent in Dubai.