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All about buying land for sale in Dubai

Until the early 2000s, owning property and specifically land in Dubai was something only UAE nationals were allowed to do. If you were a foreigner you were out of luck and had to contend with simply renting a villa or apartment in Dubai. Once Dubai relaxed its property ownership laws and allocated specific areas in free hold areas where non UAE nationals could buy land or property, it saw a huge influx of investors and buyers looking to make a move to Dubai. Most people rushed in to buy property off plan, being drawn in by the many unique apartment buildings and villas planned for Dubai. However not many realised that actual land was also up for sale in Dubai. One such area was the famous and exclusive Emirates Hills which has a mixture of master developed villas and villas designed by the expats who bought land there.

So when it comes to buying land in Dubai it depends on your status: UAE National or Foreign National. There’s lots of land for sale in Jumeirah but only UAE Nationals can own land there (and everywhere else in Dubai). However foreigners should look at land for sale in JVC or at land for sale on the Palm Jumeirah for a stake of land on a world icon - these areas are currently filled with plots of vacant plots of land for sale.

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Buying land in Dubai is a rare chance to own a piece of history

The upcoming Dubai Hills Estate is another sprawling development waiting to happen and there’s lots of land for sale there. Land for sale in Dubai Hills is a fair way inland and away from the bright lights of Dubai’s more developed areas and the potential to build something spectacular is at its height. Some other options include the the land for sale in Al Furjan (close to Jebel Ali and great for villas), land for sale in JVT (the smaller cousin of JVC) and land for sale where the world comes to live, eat and shop.

How you build and what you’re able to build depends on the area that you buy your land in. There will be clear limits on building size and purpose (if you’re buying land in a commercial area or with a commercial purpose) so always ensure you understand the law completely before buying your land so that you don’t fall foul of Dubai’s property law. It pays to engage the services of qualified, RERA registered agents who know the law and will not steer you wrong. Dubai is well known for being a place where imagination can run wild when you’re building a home and once you’ve chosen your plot of land, that’s your next big decision to make.

As Dubai ramps up its efforts to host the best World Expo in 2020 and with the undying appeal of Dubai, the time to buy land has never been better. All you have to do is start browsing today and try and decide which part of this world class city you wish to build the home of your dreams!