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All about buying land for sale in the UAE

Buying land in the UAE has until recently been something that only UAE nationals could do. With each emirate making adjustments to property ownership laws in the past decade, it has seen land and property ownership open up to other GCC nationals and more recently to foreigners who are not from the GCC.

This has led to an influx of investors and people looking to make the UAE their home for the long term by building their own house. It has also become popular with people already living in the UAE who wish to break away from renting. This has also brought with it a renewed source of revenue for the country which seeks to reduce reliance on oil based revenue to maintain its balance sheets.

In the UAE currently, one will find that land for sale in Dubai is the most easily available and it’s also part of the most populous and extensively developed emirate in the country. JVC, the circular-shaped residential development is a popular place to find plots of land for sale, followed by the evergreen Jumeirah, the iconic Palm Jumeirah and the new Dubai Hills Estate. Al Furjan near Jebel Ali also has lots of land for sale within the confines of its inland location.

Land for sale in Abu Dhabi,the UAE’s capital is also available for purchase and most plots are found in Khalifa City. Other emirates like Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman & Sharjah have also relaxed their laws on property ownership so there’s a small but growing number of plots of land for sale in these emirates.
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In some cases, land is available as a plot in an area designed for a free standing home (typically a villa) but in some newer developments they are part of a master designed community and any property built there may need to follow particular building, architecture and design guidelines to maintain harmony with the surroundings. As the UAE is mostly desert-like, plots of land often look like mere sand pits however the country has made excellent strides and advancements in the art of building properties on sand that is reminiscent of the sand dunes of the Arabian desert.

When considering buying land for sale in the UAE, engage in the services of qualified and experienced real estate and legal professionals to help facilitate the process. Even for the most financially comfortable individual, land purchase is a major financial decision that should not be taken lightly. There is provision for non UAE residents to obtain a residency visa upon the purchase of property (in freehold areas) on the basis that the property is valued at 1 Million AED or more at the time of purchase. These residence visa applications are taken on a case by case basis and is something to consider if you wish to buy property in the UAE.

Start your search for land for sale in UAE today and take the plunge to build your own home in one of the most livable countries in the world!