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All about the many apartments for sale in the UAE

The UAE is a country known for oil, sand and being the home of some world record breaking things like malls and iconic palm tree-like structures. It’s also famous for its skylines and towering buildings housing all sorts of budget, middle range and outright opulent apartments to meet the growing demands of its ever expanding population.

Apartments are the dominant property type available in the UAE and since each emirate has been revising its own property ownership laws in the past decade, it has seen big changes in who owns what in the country and the dynamic of the local population.

The UAE is a modern country with a cosmopolitan society that has such varied tastes and demands that local developers have no choice but to keep designing apartments of high standards to keep the masses happy. So if one wishes to buy an apartment in the UAE, you can rest assured that you will be buying quality, comfort and a very well designed pad.

The various freehold areas across the country allow foreign nationals the chance to own an apartment in any building as long as it's in a permitted area. Most apartments for sale in the UAE can be found in Dubai which has an overwhelming number due to its dynamic real estate market. Abu Dhabi follows up next with sizeable offerings and then the rest of the emirates complete the list with significantly lower numbers, due mostly to their land size and population.

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Where can one find a great apartment for sale in the UAE?

Apartments for sale in Dubai are found all over the emirate but most popular places include Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah and Downtown Dubai. There’s also plenty on offer in JLT, JBR and Business Bay. All of these areas will afford its residents great city and in many cases ocean views if you’re in the right spot. If one is keen on looking more in land, there’s Dubai Sports City which is a sports themed development offering apartments that provide great value for money. Apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi are found in Al Reem Island, Corniche road, Al Raha Beach, Khalifa City and Al Reef. The way Abu Dhabi has been developed allows residents to also enjoy great sea views.

Buying any property requires considerable thought and financial review. But you should also visit the area you wish to buy in to see what residents like or don’t like about the place. Also, if you’re looking to buy an apartment in the UAE as an investment, then you will probably not be concerned about choosing a location based on your preferences but instead on where you will be able to get the most rental yield. The good thing about the UAE though is that the country is a never ending list of people moving in and out so there’s always going to be a tenant to live in your property.

That being said, buying an apartment in the UAE makes sense for families or couples - basically anyone looking to settle down or make their stay in the country that bit more permanent. There’s many more apartments for sale in the UAE coming onto the market and it’s a great time to buy - so start browsing today!