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Super deluxe, a large area & freehold..

Al Mwaihat 2, Al Mwaihat, Ajman
Apartment 7+ 7+ 7,300 sqft
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    Ahmed Safder

    Ahmed Safder

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Finding a great flat for sale in Ajman

Ajman is one of the UAE’s northern emirates and is situated just above Sharjah on the map.

It’s a small but busy emirate that is growing its offerings to would be residents and investors. As such, the housing available is becoming even more comprehensive, in particular the apartments for sale.

Finding a flat for sale in Ajman is easy due to the size of the emirate. Where you choose to stay will depend on your commitments relating to work and family. For the would-be property buyer, you can find plenty of flats for sale in Ajman’s Uptown and Ajman Downtown areas as well as the ever popular Emirates City. Expect to find a mix of studio apartments and 4 bedroom flats and everything in between. You’d be hard pressed to find a flat for sale in Ajman that came fully furnished however this does give you free reign to kit out the apartment in a way of your choosing. In Ajman, there’s lots of shops to help you with furniture, homeware and everything else your apartment would need.

People choose to buy apartments in Ajman because it is close enough and accessible to the action of other more developed parts of the UAE but also because it’s far more affordable in comparison. One can easily own an apartment to live in or as an investment for a lot less and this makes financial sense.

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Within Ajman, there’s a growing list of tourist attractions including excellent world class hotels which offer top notch dining options. The Ajman Corniche is ever popular in the evenings and on weekends, in particular with families. There’s also a number of historical sites to explore like the Ajman National Museum and Ajman Fort. For a truly unique experience, check out the Ajman China Mall which sells all sorts of furniture, clothing and electronics that are all made in and sourced from China directly.

Ajman may be small but it packs a punch and is always developing new residential options to attract home buyers. The emirate is easily accessed via the UAE’s excellent highways and arterials so getting to and from the area is a breeze. Ajman is also growing in popularity with residents as a place to set up a business and grow. Since you get all of the modern comforts you would desire without the usually higher costs of living elsewhere in the UAE, one can easily see why Ajman is a great place to call home and buy an apartment.

Buying property in a freehold area in Ajman automatically entitles the owner to a residence visa within the UAE, provided the value of the property is in excess of 500,000 AED. Prices have dropped in recent times making the many apartments for sale in Ajman even more affordable. There’s a lot on offer when you choose to live in Ajman and it starts by finding a great flat for sale!