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Finding a villa for sale in Ajman

The emirate of Ajman is situated to the north of the UAE and is surrounded by Sharjah on all sides except along the coast. With a total size coming in around 260 square kilometres, it is by definition a small emirate when compared against other emirates in the UAE but this does not hold Ajman back from providing abundant offerings to residents.

Ajman is a great place to settle down because it benefits from the modern standards of living afforded to residents of the UAE whilst maintaining a very affordable rental index across its territory. It does this because demand is greater in other cities in the country where the population is much bigger. However more and more people are looking at alternatives to living in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and Ajman is top on the list.

People find that for the price of an apartment for sale in another emirate, they can actually buy a large spacious villa for sale in Ajman! When you couple this with easy access to major highways in the UAE, you can see why buying a villa in Ajman for investment or as a place to live for yourself makes sense.

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Where should you look for a quality Ajman villa for sale?

One can find villas for sale in Ajman Uptown and villas for sale in Al Zahraa where the numbers are the greatest. Both areas are far in land, close to the eastern border of Ajman and where land is larger and there’s more space to build big villas. As Ajman welcomes families with open arms, the villas for sale in the emirate are very big with 4, 5, 6 and even 7 bedroom villas available on the market. Most will come with pools or at least, enough space in the backyard for a pool and they almost always come with high fences and wrought iron gates.

The Ajman Government has been keen to boost investment in the emirate and it made changes to property ownership laws to allow foreign nationals to own property in Ajman. This means if you see a villa for sale in Ajman and you’re not a UAE national, then you may well be eligible to buy it. If it’s worth over 500,000 AED when you sign, then you can also apply for a UAE residency visa which is another big drawcard.

Ajman is certainly a wonderful emirate to live in for the long term and with projected growth looking very positive, one can expect healthy returns if you buy an Ajman villa for sale as an investment. There’s a lot to see and do from shopping at Ajman China Mall and the stylish City Centre Ajman to checking out the fascinating Ajman National Museum and Ajman Fort to strolling along the picturesque Ajman Corniche; a crowd pleaser on weekends and especially in the cooler months. It’s clear that Ajman is a highly favourable place to invest for the long term and also a solid place to settle down with one's family.