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Are you considering buying land for sale in Ajman?

The small emirate of Ajman often gets overshadowed by the other much larger emirates but for its size, it packs in a great deal of opportunity for those looking to set up shop, buy or rent a house, go shopping or eat out or even buy land. Even though the emirate is a mere 260 square kilometres in size, there’s a fair bit of land for sale in Ajman and it’s available everywhere from the coast to more inland areas.

Property ownership in Ajman was until recently restricted to UAE nationals but in the interests of boosting investment and attracting more people to the emirate, Ajman’s Government relaxed these laws and also provides UAE residency to foreigners who buy land for sale in Ajman valued at 500,000 AED or more. Ajman land for sale that is available for foreigners is limited to certain parts of the emirate, as designated by the Ajman Government and its property ownership laws relating to foreigners.

What you’re able to do with your land really depends on the area you buy your land in as long as it is in line with Ajman’s construction and zoning regulations. Land for sale in Ajman Corniche is in demand for its prime location on the coast which will give anyone sea views that never get old. There’s also land for sale in Ajman Downtown, just near Ajman Mall and close to Al Ettihad Road. These areas are suited to residential developments but could well be used for commercial purposes.

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There are many plots of land in Ajman with tremendous growth potential

If you’re buying land for sale in Ajman Industrial Area then that would most certainly be used for commercial and industrial use.

So why should one consider buying land in Ajman? For starters, the price is just right. Land for sale in Ajman is markedly cheaper than land for sale elsewhere in the UAE. Plus Ajman is modern and developed with great roads, schools, shopping and dining options. If you plan to invest then Ajman has a lot of potential as it is a growing business hub, thanks to the development of the Ajman Free Zone which helps attract businesses and investment to the emirate. Depending on the size of the land you buy and the zone it is in, you can either build a villa, a commercial space, a mixed residential and commercial building or perhaps a building that either has just apartments or just offices - the options are endless and only limited by finances and what the law stipulates.

If you’re considering buying Ajman land for sale, always work with registered and experienced real estate professionals who are well versed in Ajman’s property law. It will help avoid potential problems that could end up costing you a lot of time and money. Get everything in writing, make copies of all paperwork and ask lots of questions if you’re unsure of anything. Ajman is an exciting modern, vibrant part of the UAE that further reinforces its image as a great place to live and an excellent place to invest.