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All about the apartments for sale in Business Bay

The area known as Business Bay is a mixed purpose area in Dubai filled with towers and buildings with a mixed residential and commercial purpose. It draws its name from its location as part of a wider Dubai Creek dredging project, the fact that it caters to the business community and is near DIFC and the fact that it will be a focal point for the Dubai Canal once completed. It presents itself as an excellent place to find quality apartments for sale for personal use or as a property investment.

Business Bay apartments for sale are located all across the many buildings that form part of the very unique Business Bay skyline. With so many different buildings, each being so distinct in architecture and design, one can be overwhelmed with the sheer number of apartments to check out. Each building (apart from the obvious hotels) has retail outlets at the base like grocery stores, restaurants and cafes - then the rest of the building is made up of residential apartments of all sizes and finishings.

Whether it’s an investment or somewhere to call home, buying an apartment in Business Bay is a great choice due to Dubai’s lead up to World Expo 2020. The location is convenient and is a more affordable location to buy than neighbouring Downtown Dubai.

Business Bay is famous for its many apartment towers offering unbeatable views of Downtown Dubai, the Burj Khalifa and other parts of Dubai. 

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There’s all sorts of studio, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments for sale in Business Bay. There are even some 4 bedroom apartments available which provide residents with lots of space. Most apartments for sale in Business Bay can be found in 1 of the 12 Executive Towers buildings that form most of Business Bay.

As much as there’s apartments with more room for those who need it, Business Bay is really well suited to singles, young professionals and very small families and ideally, people without pets. It’s very business centric and due to its proximity to DIFC which is the financial hub of Dubai and the region, it may not always lend itself to being the most child or pet friendly. You could still certainly live here with pets and/or kids mind you!

Interestingly, property buyers can gain a UAE residency visa (if they do not have one already) when buying an apartment for sale in Business Bay that is valued at 1 Million AED at the time of purchase. This rule applies to all areas of Dubai where foreigners are allowed to own property and applications are reviewed on a case by case basis. 

Keeping that in mind, it’s best to work with experienced real estate agents with extensive knowledge of the apartments for sale in Business Bay and real estate laws of Dubai. Make copies of all documentation to help make the process smoother. 

If you’re ready to buy, start browsing through our list of Business Bay apartments for sale today!