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2.8 /5

Falcon Tower

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Resident reviews

4.1 /5
Very good maintenance & management
I have living here from 8 months and location also good. The building management is good and friendly. And all are helpful. security staff, maintenance, cleaners is all very good and helpful. Gym is very neat & clean everyday. Gym equipment and swimming pool facilities are also good. Children pool, Jaccuzi is everyday clean and chiller temperature control, building central ac is good and cool. Car parking building is good and clean. All elvators is good maintenance. Room maintenance also good service. No language problem.
3.9 /5
Amazing Location
I lived in this building for 2 years, the location is amazing (2 min walk from the metro), the rooms are spacious and large compared to the business bay area. The building is always clean, security people can be rude some time spacially the night shift. The building has an amazing pool and gym with an overview of the sea and Burj khalifa and its fountain, it is located on the 42 floors. I never faced any issue with maintenance but they are usually available 24 hours the building is that it has a supermarket and laundry on the ground floor and also near to many other supermarket and restaurant.
2.4 /5
Very poor maintenance. Unfriendly management.
After changing the management 3 years back, the quality of the building dropped down as a result of the poor maintenance and bad management.
1 /5
Save yourself
I've lived here for 3 years and each year has gotten progressively worse. The building management is terrible now, security staff are constantly changing as are maintenance staff. All are unhelpful and have a your problem you solve it attitude. The windows in the higher floors aren't sealed properly so constant traffic noise and whistling when windy. Cabinet doors are all falling off their hinges. There is a problem with damp. There is a lot of sub-leasing and therefore unaccountability when there are problems. The smells from neighbouring apartments are constantly coming in to your house through an old and poorly sealed ventilation system. The dirt parking has dog pee everywhere and sometimes poo.
2.6 /5
Good building ruined by poor maintenance
I used to live here but shifted after many incidents of poor maintenance. There was an incident of flooding with the dewa pipe breaking, which flooded most of the below floors with water getting into the flats. The tenants did not have water for almost 2 days. they could not make any other arrangements to take care of the tenants. lifts not working, took more than 10 days to get all lifts working. Regular issues. They have also now started partitions which is created many security risks. there were incidents where police had to come in. The building used to be an excellent property at a very good location.We are very happy we have shifted from here!
1 /5
Security guard are rude when they choose to be. Maintenance is horrible. We had a bad flooding and they never bothered To fix the tiles. Dirty, disgusting gym. Equipments don’t work well. Pool is small and useless. Parking is tiny that you’d rather use the paid parking. No guest parking (they have to park on the sand). Don’t even think about it.
3.3 /5
Good tower and location
The location is good, quiet, with good traffic access and good ambiance. The tower could be a bit better in terms of cleaning, maintenance and security.
4 /5
I love my area
It is secure,good quality utilities,close to transports

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