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All about the many apartments for rent in Business Bay

Business Bay is a mixed residential and commercial community in Dubai, established as a ‘city within a city’. It’s part of a wider project where the Dubai Creek will be further dredged and where the upcoming Dubai Canal will intersect. Home to a stunning array of apartment buildings, the apartments for rent in Business Bay are some of the most modern in all of Dubai.

At the base of most buildings are shops, restaurants, cafes and medical centres which further add to the convenience factor of living in Business Bay. As the area expands, expect to see more amenities being added to the list. The local community is a melting pot of nationalities with lots of working professionals to socialise with.

Business Bay apartments for rent are of a generally high standard as they are very modern with top quality fittings. 1 bedroom apartments for rent in Business Bay are perpetually in demand followed closely by studios and 2 bedroom apartments. There’s also a decent amount of 3 and 4 bedroom apartments available for those who need the space. Landlords are more often than not foreign nationals who are keen to make their investment work for them so there’s a good number of fully furnished apartments for rent in Business Bay however most are unfurnished and give the tenant free reign to bring their own things and decorate as they like.

Business Bay ideally suits young professionals and couples who probably work in the area or very close by. It’s a more affordable alternative to renting an apartment in Downtown Dubai with just as much excitement and convenience.

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Small families have been known to make Business Bay their home but like people with pets, they may need more room and access to bigger parks and green areas. If you don’t have a car then renting an apartment in Business Bay is very convenient as there’s the Business Bay metro station nearby and plenty of taxis to take you around Dubai.

Apartments for rent in Executive Towers are easily the most popular with over 12 different towers in the development to choose an apartment from. All buildings in Business Bay provide unique views so the higher your apartment is, the the better the view!

Once you sign your tenancy contract, submit your EJARI registration and make yourself familiar with the RERA rental increase calculator which is an initiative of the Dubai Government to help tenants and landlords understand when and how rents can be increased. In the event you need to file a rent dispute case, the disputes committee is available to help resolve issues - however it’s always better to try and keep a good relationship with your landlord. As Business Bay is a freehold area, chances are your landlord will be a foreigner who may not live in Dubai or be familiar with the law so it’s best to make sure you understand your rights as a renter in Dubai.

Business Bay is set to become an even bigger, busier and amazing development so start browsing and find the right rental apartment for you!