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All about finding a flat for rent in Ajman

Ajman may be the smallest emirate in the UAE but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in rich cultural heritage and natural history with growing industry and tourist attractions.

Located in the north of the UAE, just past Sharjah, Ajman is seeing an ever growing number of residential developments and apartment buildings come onto the market.

Renting an apartment in Ajman is a highly affordable way of life compared with living elsewhere in the UAE. Home to expats and locals, the growing trend is to rent in Ajman and commute to jobs elsewhere in the UAE. Since the UAE has exceptional roads and highways which are constantly being developed, the commuter experience is always improving.

Although small in size, Ajman is an excellent place to call home whether you’re a young professional, couple or family of any size. There’s abundant parks and access to beach areas as well a whole host of other conveniences like shopping centres, entertainment options and countless eateries.

Popular areas to rent a flat in Ajman include Emirates City (more inland), Ajman Downtown and Garden City (near the Ajman University of Science and Technology).

In Ajman, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments for rent are most popular with plenty of studio, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments also available. As the rent is more affordable than elsewhere in the country, residents opt for larger flat to make the most of the rental cost savings.

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ajman apartment buildings

Ajman apartment buildings

The vast majority rental apartments in Ajman come unfurnished but landlords looking to draw in tenants will often provide apartments with partial or full furnishings.

Ajman’s location is not an issue with easy access to major national highways and well maintained roads. People choosing to rent a flat in Ajman enjoy high quality housing that comes with a relatively quieter lifestyle afforded through being away from the hustle and bright lights of other popular parts of the country. With Ajman’s goal to become a more important hub for trade, you can expect the standard of living in Ajman’s apartments to only improve.

Renting in Ajman is similar to renting elsewhere however rents can only increase after a 3 year period and not without proper notice. Also as part of rental law in Ajman, landlords cannot ask tenants to vacate the premises before the contract expires.

As with anything, it pays to be on good terms with your landlord and aim for amicable resolutions to issues. Ajman does have provision to assist renters and landlords in cases of disputes should the need arise. These conditions certainly making renting an apartment in Ajman favourable.

Finding a flat for rent in Ajman is easier than ever before and you simply need to decide where in this tiny emirate you wish to live!