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All about renting a flat in Sharjah

Choosing to rent a flat in Sharjah has always been a popular decision with expats for a whole host of reasons. Just to the north of Dubai, Sharjah is smaller in size but boasts plentiful accommodation options that cater particularly well to those seeking a very family centric lifestyle on a more manageable budget. Its close proximity to Dubai allows many to live in Sharjah whilst pursuing their careers and enjoying activities in Dubai.

A hugely popular area to rent an apartment in Sharjah is Al Nahdah which hugs the border with Dubai. Being so close to Dubai but not actually in Dubai means more affordable rent and is very attractive for young professionals looking to make the most of their careers in the UAE. It’s dotted with many tall apartment buildings featuring studios, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and even 3 bedroom flats which also helps keep rental costs low if you’re sharing.

The beauty of Sharjah is that it’s also a great place for families with no shortage of multi room apartments on offer. For families who require a maids room in their flat, many buildings in Sharjah cater to this need.

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Renting apartments in Sharjah

Sharjah prides itself on being a cultural hub that has something for the entire family and there’s many parks across the emirate to enjoy. Couple that with a busy event calendar and you start to see why Sharjah is popular.

Renting apartments in Al Majaz and Al Khan will provide you with spectacular views of the Al Buhaira Corniche which is a favourite amongst local families. Apartments in Al Taawun also have great views, some of which look out to the Arabian Gulf!

Being a cultural hub of activity, Sharjah has many museums and hosts various arts related events which draws in audiences from around the world. Living in Sharjah means you have the added convenience of being very close to the action whilst enjoying comfortable, modern and affordable living.

Whilst the rentals in Sharjah are lower than in nearby Dubai, one needs to ensure it still fits within budget and is practical. You could easily get a 2 bedroom apartment for rent in Sharjah for what you would pay for a 1 bedroom in Dubai, but a question to ask is if this would be practical or necessary based on your lifestyle.