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Finding a flat for rent in Abu Shagara

Abu Shagara is a district in Sharjah near the Al Majaz waterfront and on the border of Sharjah’s Industrial Areas. For many years it was famous for its used car market where rows and rows of second hand cars could be found. In recent times however the Sharjah Municipality has made it illegal to sell second hand cars in Abu Shagara and the area has become more quieter and with far less traffic to deal with. The used car market has now shifted to Al Ruqah Al Hamra.

Within Abu Shagara, it’s a mostly residential area with apartment buildings across the district. flats for rent in Abu Shagara are cosy with 1, 2 and 3 bedroom flats available ranging from around 800 sq ft to 2500 sq ft - though sometimes they can be a little bigger than this. They are rarely leased out as furnished flats which tends to be the norm in Sharjah Abu Shagara. Not all buildings have their own underground car park so this previously was a problem for residents dealing with the used car market that engulfed the area. Now that the market is not here anymore, residents renting flats in Sharjah Abu Shagara can enjoy a lot more open space to walk and park their cars.

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Residents of Abu Shagara enjoy easy access to the Sharjah Corniche and the lovely green and breezy Al Majaz waterfront. The famous Abu Shagara park is popular with families and those who like to play sports. Mega Mall Sharjah, arguably one of the busiest malls in Sharjah is just a stone’s throw away as are a number of grocery stores and local eateries.

When you sign your tenancy agreement in Sharjah, you get to live in your apartment whilst paying the same rent for a period of 3 years as there are no rental increases allowed within this period. However once this expires, your rent may increase but by then the timeframe for a rental increase freeze drops to 2 years. Sharjah also has a rental disputes committee to hear any concerns that cannot be resolved amicably.

Due to the forceful relocation of the used car market in Abu Shagara, the are has returned to being more peaceful like it once was. This has in turn made the area even more attractive so if you’d like to rent a flat in Abu Shagara, the time to act is now!