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Choosing the right property for rent in Sharjah

Sharjah is the cultural capital of the UAE and one of the northern emirates in the country. Situated to the north of Dubai, it’s known for its vibrant cultural and events calendar, historical sites and for being very family oriented.

In comparison with other parts of the country, Sharjah provides affordable accommodation within close proximity of the business centres of the UAE so many people choose to live here then commute to work elsewhere. Sharjah has plenty of properties for rent however the most abundant and easily available are apartments for rent. Villas are slowly becoming available for rent but these are in relatively short supply for the time being.

Apartments for rent in Sharjah are found across the emirate with a large concentration being in Al Nahda Sharjah, Al Qasemiya, Al Khan, Al Taawun and Al Mamzar. Since Sharjah is very accessible from Dubai, most of these areas are super convenient for anyone who drives to Dubai on a daily basis. Apartments for rent in Al Nahda Sharjahare super popular and constantly in demand because of its location on the border with Dubai so you can expect the rents here to be higher and the traffic to be busier than other parts of Sharjah. Apartments in Al Khan and apartments in Al Taawun give residents wonderful views of the Sharjah Corniche and the Arabian Gulf. Other buildings can offer views of Sharjah City and on clearer days you can even see parts of Dubai’s skyline.

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As for the rental villas in Sharjah, they’re mostly unfurnished and not tied to any specific areas as they’re dotted around the emirate. They often come with maids rooms and cater very well to families of all sizes with 3, 4 and 5 bedroom villas available for rent. If you have a maid then you’ll have little trouble finding a flat that has a maids room attached. Some landlords like to kit out their apartments when putting them out for rent to draw in tenants but most apartments in Sharjah are leased out unfurnished so you can bring your own belongings and decorate as you wish. Young professionals, couples and singles also call Sharjah home and can enjoy the savings in cost of living when renting a property in Sharjah.

The good news for anyone considering renting a home in Sharjah is that once you sign your tenancy contract, your rent is effectively frozen for 3 years and your landlord is not allowed to increase it in that period. After this period, rent is only able to be increased every 2 years. However if at any point during the rental period there comes about some issues that can’t be resolved amicably, the matter can be brought to the Sharjah Rent Disputes Committee for review.

Sharjah is a growing cultural oasis that is perfect for families and anyone looking for more affordable living without compromising on quality, comfort and convenience. Start your search and find a great property for rent in Sharjah today!