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All about the properties for rent in Al Ain

Al Ain is the UAE’s 4th largest city and is located in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. It’s most famous for being the birthplace of the nation’s founder, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. It’s also widely known for its greenery which in part is due to its location as part of the Buraimi Oasis. When you drive through Al Ain, you’ll quickly notice how green it is in comparison with other parts of the UAE and this itself is a big drawcard and why many people seriously consider living here in one of the many properties for rent in Al Ain.

Al Ain is very family friendly and as such the properties for rent in the area have been developed largely to cater to families, with large spacious villas with gardens, backyards and pools as well as roomy apartments in low rise buildings. Since renting an apartment in Al Ain is more affordable for some people, the local authorities have created many wonderful parks across Al Ain so that those without backyards can enjoy the greenery. Sheikh Zayed decreed as part of the local municipal code, that apartment buildings in Al Ain should be no more than 4 storeys high, in keeping with his vision for the oasis city. Since then the rules have been relaxed to better accommodate the growing population however Al Ain is not going to become a skyscraper city any time soon! As far as other properties go, the villas for rent in Al Ain are typically large, designed in local and contemporary styles with 4, 5, 6 and 7 bedroom villas on offer. There’s often a maids room attached as this has become an essential requirement for families.

sheikha salama mosque in al ain
al ain city centre buildings

Al Ain is not just attractive because it’s green and rent is more affordable. It’s got plenty of schools, nurseries and shopping outlets with lots of eateries all over the city. There’s a lot of historical sites in the area and a drive up Jebel Hafeeth is mandatory for all visitors and residents who want a unique view of the area. It’s not the highest peak in the land but it goes a fair way up! If you like something different to a shopping mall or a restaurant, be sure to check out Wadi Adventure which is a unique adventure park in Al Ain (not far from the famous Al Ain Zoo) where there’s man made whitewater rapids to traverse through, as part of the many excellent activities on offer.

Since Al Ain is part of Abu Dhabi, it is governed by Abu Dhabi’s rental laws which for the moment, do not have a rental cap which means rents can be increased by landlords as they see fit. Usually it’s based on market conditions but many landlords wish to keep their properties fully occupied for as long as possible so they’re not likely to increase the rent of their property in Al Ain based on a whim. It’s always recommended to keep copies of all paperwork and communications and to maintain good relations with your landlord.

Al Ain may well be far from the buzz of other more populous parts of the country but it’s comparably affordable rent, family centric lifestyle and greenery make it a highly attractive place to find properties for rent to suit everyone.