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Properties for Rent in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the largest emirate in UAE and its capital. As one of the most flourishing cities in the world, Abu Dhabi attracts many residents; its current population is approximately 300,00 people which makes it one of the most crowded emirates in UAE. Residents choose to live in Dubai for many purposes including tourism, investing and career advancement, as there are numerous industries and projects in the emirate. As a result, a great variety of properties for rent can be found across Abu Dhabi, people usually choose to enjoy Abu Dhabi by living in one of the beautiful islands spread across its coast. Choosing to live in properties for rent Abu Dhabi would allow you to experience this cosmopolitan city and all that it has to offer.

There are many housing options in the emirate, however; apartments and villas for rent in Abu Dhabi remain the most popular of them all. Other types include; houses, shops and commercial spaces for rent, in addition, the designs and decorations differ from one type to another and they also varies among properties of the same type. What is more, agents prefer to list Properties for rent in Abu-Dhabi based on their types and location rather than the projects and compounds names. So if you are searching for a Property for rent in Abu-Dhabi you would be able to find freestanding properties as well as properties within compound and residential projects.

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How to Get Properties for Rent in Abu Dhabi

Property Finder Abu Dhabi provides you with an inclusive guide to the types of Abu Dhabi properties for rent. On our user friendly website you will be able to view different types of properties in Abu Dhabi and choose the ones that best suit your budget and requirements.

- Apartments for rent in Abu Dhabi are the most sought after properties in the area, their various sizes and facilities make them perfect for almost everyone. 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments for rent in Abu Dhabi are suitable for expat families who live in the emirate, and they could easily choose the apartment size based on the number of family members. On the other hand, studios flats are fairly popular among singles and workers in this area, actually, furnished studios for rent in Abu Dhabi are always in high demand. Further, 1 BHKs for rent in Abu Dhabi can be found in many areas of the emirate. What is more, Fully furnished apartments for rent in Abu Dhabi are extremely popular among expats. Hotel and serviced apartments are also favored by expats holding managerial posts.

- Villas are the second most popular Properties for rent in Abu-Dhabi, since many of the emirate’s residents are business tycoons who love to enjoy this extravagance way of life. Properties for rent in Abu Dhabi in this form come also as townhouses, bungalows and beach houses. Abu Dhabi coast is dotted with luxury chalets and villas, other popular areas in the emirate include; Mohammed Bin Zayed City, Khalifa City, Al Raha Gardens and Al Reef.

- Houses are also popular properties for rent in Abu Dhabi, however; they usually searched for by Emirati people and they could be found in older areas of the emirate.

- Abu-Dhabi Properties for rent also include commercial spaces such as offices and shops, these types are particularly popular among small businessmen and investors.