1 bedroom properties for rent in Abu Dhabi

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1 BHK for Rent in Abu Dhabi

The emirate of Abu Dhabi is the largest of the seven emirates that constitute the UAE. The emirate hosts many foreign embassies and multinational companies. In addition, the federal government and the seat of the President of the United Arab Emirates are located in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi combines hospitality and traditional values with style and luxury.

Just like Dubai, Abu Dhabi is an emirate of unique constructions and superlatives, In Abu Dhabi you will find the fastest roller coaster, the tower with the greatest lean and the largest hand-loomed carpet. Abu Dhabi is an emirate that challenges itself to be better at everything. Abu Dhabi is a vibrant multi-cultural emirate and a cosmopolitan metropolis that attracts tourists, investors and young professionals from around the world.

In addition, Abu Dhabi’s government forward strategy aims at diversifying away from depending solely on oil and gas national income, that is why; Abu Dhabi is rapidly changing into a global business hub. The emirate has many construction projects to build academic, entertainment and cultural facilities.

 Residents in Abu Dhabi enjoy peaceful luxurious life, enjoying world class malls, luxurious movie theatres and hotels, in addition to numerous galleries, museums and beautiful beaches. The real estate market in Abu Dhabi is booming to meet the needs of the ever increasing population.

Because Abu Dhabi is an international hub it attracts young professionals and job seekers from around the world. However, not all properties suit the expats who are starting the careers in Abu Dhabi. That is why most expats and blue collar workers opt for the most economical choices for renting an apartment in Abu Dhabi.

1 Bedroom Properties for Rent in Abu Dhabi
1 Bedroom Properties for Rent in Abu Dhabi

1 Bedroom for Rent in Abu Dhabi

Finding 1 BHK for rent in Abu Dhabi is the optimal choice for many expats as they are quite affordable and offer many advantages. one bedroom flats in Abu Dhabi usually suit a small family or some friends staying together to share the rent. They are also convenient because expats usually spend most of their time in their work and they just need a well-equipped place to spend the night.

If you choose 1 BHK flat for rent in Abu Dhabi you will actually save the time spent on cleaning and doing daily chores and you would have more time to focus on more important tasks.

In addition, opting for one bedroom flat for rent in Abu Dhabi would allow you to live in the luxurious districts in the emirate as you would actually be able to afford the rent. So you would be able to live within a walking distance from your work without paying extra.

Further, choosing 1 BHK in Abu Dhabi for rent actually saves the money you spend on furniture as you will be only buying the items you need and you won’t have room for extra junk.