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Choosing a villa to rent in Abu Dhabi

When choosing to live in the UAE, Abu Dhabi is a natural choice being the capital of the country and also the largest emirate.

Villa life is unique in that it affords residents more space, more privacy and often comes with pools and backyards which make for a higher quality of life.

Typically, rental villas come unfurnished as even small 2 and 3 bedroom villas can involve a lot of work when kitting them out. However some landlords may actually furnish their villas completely, regardless of size so you may be able to find fully furnished villas for rent in Abu Dhabi. As villa life is ideally suited to families, Abu Dhabi has many 4, 5 and 6 bedroom villas available for rent.

Most villas for rent in Abu Dhabi are found in Khalifa City which is always popular with residents as it is situated on the outskirts of the city and makes travel elsewhere in the UAE more convenient. Khalifa City is also located close to the Abu Dhabi Airport for added convenience. There’s plenty of schools in the area making it popular with families and as a whole, the location is considered excellent in terms of value for money. The mostly free standing villas are very spacious with reasonable rental costs. There’s an IKEA in Abu Dhabi situated on Yas Island so for anyone considering a Swedish touch to their home, this is a must visit.

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Abu Dhabi Villas

Other similarly popular areas to find a rental villa include Al Reef, Mohammed bin Zayed City and Al Raha Gardens. Villas in Al Reef are close in proximity to Yas Island which has great shopping and dining options as well as Yas Waterworld and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. Al Reef itself is very community focused with lots of families choosing to stay there, enjoying the communal facilities and local amenities.

Mohammed bin Zayed City is situated far more inland and offers very quiet villa living. Renting here is considered quite affordable as the area is growing its offerings to residents in terms of shopping, dining and other amenities. The villas here are housed in Zones with each one having its own unique style. It is a fair distance from most major malls in Abu Dhabi so residents need to plan ahead when making trips out of the area to factor in travel time.

When renting a villa in Abu Dhabi, keep in mind that there is no rental cap and that notice periods for rent increases or changes to contracts can vary.

It pays to have all of your paperwork in order when renting and to have originals and copies in abundance so that the formalisation of your tenancy contract is as quick as possible.

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