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All about the villas for rent in Al Reef

The rental villas in Al Reef Abu Dhabi are housed in a residential community development called Al Reef Villas and it’s been designed to accommodate well over 16,000 residents across a sprawling 1 million square metres. It’s location near the Abu Dhabi International Airport and Al Raha Beach make it a prized area to call home. It’s also very close to the exciting Yas Island (home to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Yas Mall and Yas Waterworld to name a few things). Due to its location, Al Reef is popular with people who work in Dubai and those who work on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi’s city centre.

Al Reef Villas have been designed to be very family friendly, as has been the entire development. It’s a great mix of easy living at an affordable price. Villas for rent in Al Reef are split into different areas based on architectural and design styles: Arabian, Mediterranean, Contemporary and Desert. Their influences are clear and it makes for a very diverse residential space with very distinctive designs and characteristics.

Popular with expat families, Al Reef Villas is an excellent community for families to grow as there’s everything from 2 and 3 bedroom villas right up to 4 and 5 bedroom villas for rent in Al Reef.

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The plentiful green spaces and gardens that come with the villas is a great way to relax and enjoy the cooler months.

Abu Dhabi no longer has a rental cap which means landlords are able to increase their rent at their discretion. There has been discussion about introducing a rental index in Abu Dhabi to provide a guide on rental amounts for different areas of the emirate, however this has yet to be implemented. Prospective renters should note that although there is no rental cap, landlords have been keen to keep their tenants happy and negotiations often prove fruitful for all parties. Ultimately the market will dictate how things will go with rentals and since Al Reef villas for rent are very popular, it could see rents possibly increase year on year.

One may wonder as to the popularity of Al Reef Villas and its proximity to the Abu Dhabi International Airport and it’s a valid concern. However residents in the area say the noise is a non-issue for those who fly regularly, the location is an absolute blessing. So if you’re keen on convenience, comfort and affordability and want a safe space to let your family grow, Al Reef villas for rent is a great place to look!