Villas for rent in Sharjah

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  • 25.3578420, 55.4337070

    A luxury villa 6BHK is available for rent

    Al Falaj, Al Riqqa, Sharjah
    230,000 AED Yearly
    Villa 6 7+ 14,000 sqft
  • 25.3575220, 55.3918650
  • 25.3572897, 55.4343402

    Wonderful 8 BR villa in alfalaj for rent

    Al Falaj, Al Riqqa, Sharjah
    230,000 AED Yearly
    Villa 7 7+ 8,000 sqft
  • 25.3575220, 55.3918650
  • 25.3575220, 55.3918650

    Brand New 5 Bedroom Villa In Nakhilat Sharjah

    Al Nekhailat, Al Heerah, Sharjah
    170,000 AED Yearly
    Villa 5 5 5,000 sqft
  • 25.3318309, 55.4568534

    3 Bedrooms Beautiful Villa in Al Riffa

    Al Rifa'a, Mughaidir, Sharjah
    90,000 AED Yearly
    Villa 3 4 5,000 sqft
  • 25.3575220, 55.3918650

    Beautiful 5 Bedroom Villa In Nakhilat Sharjah

    Al Nekhailat, Al Heerah, Sharjah
    130,000 AED Yearly
    Villa 5 5 5,000 sqft
  • 25.3575220, 55.3918650
  • 25.3575350, 55.4610075
  • 25.3817579, 55.4104364
  • 25.3575220, 55.3918650
  • 25.3575220, 55.3918650
  • 25.3601839, 55.3952927

    brand new villa ,Corner,Planted,5+Maid

    Al Zahia, Muelih Commercial, Sharjah
    170,000 AED Yearly
    Villa 5 4 4,260 sqft
  • 25.3719092, 55.4212940

    4 bedroom villa for rent in Al Hazana

    Al Hazana, Al Riqqa, Sharjah
    85,000 AED Yearly
    Villa 4 4 2,500 sqft
  • 25.3498436, 55.4077864
  • 25.3716377, 55.4205215
  • 25.3236816, 55.4496664

Areas near Sharjah

All about renting a villa in Sharjah

When it comes to renting a villa, Sharjah is definitely a location to consider. Being a smaller emirate that is so close to Dubai, it offers residents excellent value for money with considerably more affordable rent. It’s proximity to Dubai means that residents can choose to live in Sharjah and enjoy savings on rent whilst commuting daily into Dubai. Since the UAE has some of fantastic road infrastructure and is making great strides in alleviating traffic concerns, renting a villa in Sharjah presents itself as a highly attractive option.

The villas for rent in Sharjah are spread out across the emirate and since it is very well suited to families, it’s easy to find villas with up to 6 bedrooms in them. Many also come with a maids room which is of particular interest for families with maids or live-in nannies. Sharjah is a hive of cultural activity and has a strong focus on welcoming families and there’s a lot of parks and family-centric activities to enjoy. Villas tend to be 1 or 2 storeys and depending on location, can offer some city or ocean views however these are more likely to be obtained from other forms of housing.

Although Sharjah is a uniquely affordable location to rent, one still needs to budget accordingly and find a villa that is practical for one's needs. 

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Houses in Sharjah

Payment of electricity and water bills in Sharjah are made to SEWA and are often higher than smaller housing options which is something to consider especially if you’re a first time villa renter. Most rental villas in Sharjah come unfurnished and the larger the villa, the more furnishings you need to purchase in order to kit it out completely which is an added cost. However one may be fortunate to find that renting a 2 or 3 bedroom villa in Sharjah with furnishing costs may still outweigh costs of living elsewhere in the UAE and if this is the case, then it’s really just a case of deciding when to move in.

Although there is no rental cap in Sharjah, current rental law in Sharjah stipulates that rent can only be increased after 3 years from the commencement of the tenancy. Any increase before this period is illegal. Once the 3 year mark has passed, rental increases are only allowed every 2 years. If negotiations and discussions between landlord and tenant prove unfruitful, then the matter can be seen by the Sharjah Rent Disputes Committee.

When you rent a villa in Sharjah, you really can have it all: modern, safe and comfortable living at a price that’s hard to beat!