Villas for rent in Al Bateen

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Villas for rent in Al Bateen

Al Bateen is development that promotes waterfront living at it best in Abu Dhabi. It is a fast emerging luxurious development, growing to be the most-sought after neighborhood. For years, the capital's oldest and most affluent neighborhood, has been Al Bateen, very famous for its stunning landscaped boulevards and lavish palaces. The area is nothing less of superb picturesque development with properties that harmoniously blend with their amazing surrounding for an overall surreal image. The glass buildings in Al Bateen line the sides of the vast waterfront and offer residents stunning views of the water, landscapes, the lush greenery and the buildings themselves.

Al Bateen villas are situated in an area overlooking a stunning marina in a dynamic environment. The properties resemble mansions and palaces, being of magnificent architectural designs. There is a range of styles amongst Al Bateen Villas for Rent that provide a variety of option for distinct tastes. The most common are the grand homes resembling a more classic style of architecture and there are also the modern styles with the latest contemporary vibe. Opting for a villa for rent in Al Bateen satisfies both tenants looking for an elegant archetypal model home and those looking for a modern hip one.

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In addition, living in this community is opens up an opportunity to discover the truly refined way of living. Houses for Rent in Al Bateen are surrounded by countless leisure options to pick from. There is the picturesque promenade by the water, dotted with an array of cafes, eateries and some of the finest restaurants for residents to enjoy an afternoon in the bright sunny days, or watch the sunset, falling into the water. There are also outdoor gardens that add to the charm of the place and provide a safe community feel in the neighborhood for families and their young ones.

Moreover, opting for Al Bateen Villa for Rent might not come cheap, though residents are not complaining as it is worth every penny. Such great value for money makes it all worthwhile and gives back great returns. The area is comparable to the best waterfront development in the world, such as London and those of other major cities across the Globe. This is an excellent location in Al Bateen for couples and families looking for some quiet and peace while still living not too far away from all the action in the city.

There is simply just about everything you can possibly dream of in a residential community. Though lacking a playground for children, it is made up for in the gardens and open spaces by the villas and in the community. Getting a House for rent in Al Bateen is a great choice to make; the layout is clean, the environment is safe and the views stunning.