Villas for rent in Al Mushrif

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Villas for rent in Al Mushrif

Al Mushrif villas are just the right place where families feel home. The area continues to be serene and homely even as the rest of the capital is an ever-expanding, bustling cityscape. Al Mushrif is simply tucked away from the all-pervading glass-fronted skyscrapers and is the place where the ruffled urban spirit can finally find sanctuary. The Houses for Rent in Al Mushrif are set in an atmosphere of utter serenity. It is a top favorite with families and all those who prefer the quiet life.

Moreover, with the area's facilities expanding and improving all the time, it still has an enjoyable lively side to it. Also, Al Mushrif sits adjacent to Abu Dhabi's central business district keeping residents close to the prominent parts and the heart of the capital. The location is adjacent to the Mushrif Bridge, which is situated near the entrance of the Central Business District (CBD). It is also conveniently set between Old Airport Road (2nd Street) and Khaleej Al Arabi Street, offering residents a central location.

Al Mushrif is somewhat devoid of skyscrapers and high-rise commercial buildings, and is instead dotted by many villas and a few five-storey apartment buildings. Al Mushrif Villas for Rent are are inhabited mainly by families and young couples looking to grow and raise a family in a quiet area. The roads are shaded by lovely overhanging palm leaves, and the cars drive around at a slow leisurely pace allowing for children to play and enjoy the outdoors. Surrounding Al Mushrif villas are expanses of green, soft grass, where one will find groups of schoolkids playing and kicking a ball around.

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Choosing Villas for Rent in Al Mushrif

The view that the neighborhoods in Al Mushrif are peaceful and family-friendly is echoed by most residents in the area. Al Mushrif villas for rent house small and larger families as well in the array of distinct sizes available. One of the lures of this area is the abundance of parking space that most other neighborhoods still lack. Even though, many of the villas have their own garages, parking is easily available for more cars and for visitors.

A Villa for rent in Al Mushrif provides many more options besides a superb quiet lifestyle. There is the Country Club, famous for its golfing greens and its adjacent equestrian stables. The club's facilities and stables are available for use all year round. There is also a 14-hectare area park to head to on the weekends and enjoy the bright and sunny outdoors of this wonderful island. lastly, this largely residential area in Abu Dhabi was considered to be a suburb, even a decade ago, by residents of the capital. Every house for rent in Al Mushrif helps to retain a quiet, homely feel a city experiencing phenomenal growth.